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  • Is it necessary to use huge LED panel for virtual production? Do I need to have such equipment to join this contest?
    LED Panel, together with video controller from renowned technology companies like Brompton Technology is an important and critical portion for making commercial-grade virtual production.AVHA however likes to also emphasize the significance of understanding all the indispensable steps during virtual production and the impact of such steps to each other.So, LED panel itself is not a must to join the contest.
  • What are the necessary equipment to join the contest?
    As school partners will need to prepare such equipment for student teams to join the contest, usually schools have PC with adequate computing/graphic power, capture card, a proper filming camera, green screen already. We would like to remind schools need to have some sort of camera tracking device to make virtual production feasible. We do recommend using such device from our sponsors like VIVE MARS and Vanishing Point. Game engines are normally used in such production process. AVHA does not recommend which game engine to use but usually Unreal and Unity are often named for such purpose.
  • How can I be qualified to join this contest?
    You will need to be a student registered in a school recognized by the education authority in your residing country at the time of enrollment.You will need to fill in the teacher’s name/title who will be assisting and guiding you during the preparation and contest period.
  • How many members are allowed in each team?
    Max. team members are three in each team, with an allowance of up to three real person actors for your creation. Teachers, actors/actresses are not allowed to participate in the creation process unless they are a team member named during enrollment. Teachers can continue to act as coach but not suitable to operate, manipulate the software, hardware or contents used by contestants during the entire competition period. Note that you are not allowed to change your team members once you receive registration confirmation from AVHA.In addition, one teacher can only provide guidance for one team.
  • When does the enrollment start? When will the contest start?
    Official enrollment will start from 00:00 AM GMT on Jan/30/2023 and finish at 00:00AM on Apr/30/2023. Official contest will start from 00:00 AM GMT on May/27/2023 and finish at 00:00 AM GMT on May/29/2023 with 48 hours.
  • When/how do I get contest topic?
    Contest topic will be included in Contest Start/Submission Letter, here after as CSSL sent to you by email 10 mins prior to the official starting time. Contest topic will also be announced on AVHA official website front page at the starting time.
  • How many teams will be participating?
    As this is the 1st such contest around the world, we will limit the participating teams to 100 from the schools around the world.
  • How do I submit my creation?
    You will need to finish the entire creation process and upload your video, with resolution lower than 4K and length longer than 2 min but shorter than 5 min, to YouTube or Bilibili. Input such link to the submission form on AVHA designated area before the closing time. A backup mechanism of using email will also be announced in the CSSL.
  • Where do I get virtual assets for my scenes?
    Scene scouting is a traditional and also important process of film making; while in virtual production process, this part is mainly reflected in the selection of digital assets. As long as it’s legally acquired or with legitimate permission, AVHA does not forbid using such assets from any industry online stores or you can also create such assets entirely by yourselves.
  • Can I use virtual human instead of real people actors/actresses?
    Yes. You will need to prepare such 3D models by yourself and drive such figures by equipment, hardware or software or AI, prepared by yourself or school partners.
  • Shoud I pay more attention to my picture quality or story?
    To make decision on an important trade-off is often encountered in any kind of creation. AVHA values story creation over picture quality, given this is a 48H time limited contest, if this needs to be an either or choice. Nevertheless We would like to encourage young creative people to learn how to make decision during the process by using the newly emerging method called Virtual Production, this is also what you guys need to face in the career life to come later.
  • How will my creation be graded and when will the result come out?
    Final result will still need to be decided by the intl. judge committee, to be chaired by Christopher Chen, Founding Director of AVHA. Winners and how the award will be distributed is to be announced on Jun/16/2023 on AVHA website.
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