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Evaluation Standards

Story originality: 40%
Production technique: 40%
Visual performance: 20%
Virtual Creature: 10% extra bonus points

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Koichi  Noguchi

Senior Producer
IP Strategy Team
Sales & Planning Headquarter


​Koichi Noguchi is a Producer and VFX Supervisor at Toei Animation, Japan. He also received his Ph.D. from Nihon University, Japan. 

He is a leading producer, CGI Director and VFX supervisor, he has produced, designed, animation and VFX sequences for USA and Japanese movies for feature films, ‘Species (1995)’, ‘Air Force One (1997)’, ‘Godzilla: Final Wars (2004), ‘Digimon Savers (2006: TV Animation)’, ‘Expelled from Paradise (2014)’, ‘KADO:The Right Answer (2017: TV Animation)’, ‘Kaiju Decode (2021)’ and ‘Kaiju Cleanup(2022)’ to name a few. 

Besides features, he has lent his expertise across various verticals: art installations, new media, and commercials.

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Rob Chandler

CEO and executive producer

Morden Wolf

Rob is the CEO and executive producer at Morden Wolf, spearheading the virtual production revolution. His work, centred around immersive, entertaining, and educational content for film, broadcast, and events, showcases his passion for utilising virtual production to democratise and innovate content creation, employing state-of-the-art technology and methods.

Boasting over 20 years of experience in high-tech marketing at Salesforce, Microsoft, Psion, and Epson, he offers a unique insight into the sector's needs and challenges, blending a deep-rooted love for film and media with professional acumen. Skilled in experiential events, and digital storytelling, he crafts captivating and influential content for a varied clientele and audiences.

His dedication extends beyond his professional role, actively engaging in the virtual production community. As a founder of VP Community and Starting Pixel, he has created platforms dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and networking opportunities in virtual production, emphasising his commitment to driving the industry forward and fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.

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Gary H Lee

Film Director

Gary started on Geroge Lucas’s Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones at the Skywalker Ranch as an Animatic/ Pre-visualization artist.

Since then, Gary has participated in film productions in major studios such as Lucasfilm, Dreamworks Animation, Fox Studio, Warner Brothers, Sony Pictures Animation, and Netflix.  On projects such as Star Wars, Kung Fu Panda, Life of Pi, Aquaman, Vivo, The Magician’s Elephant, and the up-and-coming Sony/Netflix animation feature, K-Pop: Demon Hunter.  

Gary also directed two live-action, animation hybrid short films. Hector Corp., and Aden. The two projects have accumulated over 14 awards in international film festivals. 

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Frank Yu

Technical Director 


Frank Yu has worked in various animation, gaming, production, and software companies both domestically and internationally. In recent years, he has been involved in research on various virtual production processes, execution of virtual human and virtual production projects, technical coordination, curriculum planning, and education training.

Recent Project Involvements:
Assisted in the technical aspects of the first virtual production commercial in Taiwan, "ROG Strix / Flow X13 Series - Design Story."

Provided virtual human production and technical assistance for Claudia Wang's brand showcase at Taipei Fashion Week SS22.
Assisted with virtual human technology for "Otaku Run" on Pili Taiwan Channel
"94 Evening News" on Sanlih News Network.

Assisted with virtual production technology for the live broadcast of the "Six Cities Esports" Grand Finals.

Provided virtual production technology assistance for "Taipei's Most High New Year City - 2023 New Year's Eve Party."

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Michael Liu

Director of Photography

Chinese cinematographer Michael Liu graduated from cinematography department at Beijing Film Academy. Aftergaining valuable and extensive hands-on experiences in thecamera crew, with his unique foresights and open-mindedness.

Michael brought in many state-of-the-art technologies and concepts in cinematography from all across the globe. He will continue to introduce cutting-edge techniques and international perspectives to the Chinese film industry and hopefully take it to a the next level in the future.

Cinematography Filmography: Feature Film




The Wandering Earth Ⅱ: ( The 18th Changchun Film Festival And Golden Deer Award Best Cinematography )
Mozart from Space : ( Golden Rooster Awards Golden Rooster Best Cinematography Nominee )


Hi, Mom



The Sacrifice : ( Macau International Movie Festival Golden Lotus Award Best Cinematography Nominee )

My People, My Homeland


The Legend Hunters、A Journey To The Seaside


Seven Killings、You Can You UP


The Wandering Earth : ( Golden Rooster Awards Golden Rooster Best Cinematography Nominee )


The Insanity、Run for Love


My Old Classmate

Cinematography Filmography: TV Series


The Identity of Father

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